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Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics

a full open access journal

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The journal is B+ ranked by CNCSIS, code 405

eISSN : 2066-3129

ISSN: 2066-4273

Ex JACS ISSN:1843-1046


Important notice!

Starting with the first issue of year 2009, the title of the former Journal of Applied Computer Science changes to Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics. Details


Within the framework of improving the scientific performances, at national and international level, and of stimulating the development of university research ability, the periodical Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics (JACSM), which is a bi-annual publication of "Stefan cel Mare" University of Suceava, proposes an up-to-date scientific approach within Romanian research, by implementing and disseminating new interdisciplinary views in informatics and mathematics fields.

By means of integrating the specialty studies of both highly reputed and trainee researches, this publication aims at seizing and describing the latest information in the field of applied mathematics and computer science, applicable to many investigation domains. By continuously drawing on current pragmatic demands, the journal is inline with with the extending coordinates of inter-university and institutional co-operation, with a view to achieve better academic representation at national and European institutional level.

Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics comes out as a natural instrument of consolidating the research activities, which will contribute to the promotion of scientific quality from the national and international milieu, to the establishment of partnership with universities from our country and abroad, as well as to the quality enhancement of social life, by developing the performances in educational system and by putting to good use the present scientific resources, aiming to achieve excellent scientific results. These purposes will be materialized by extending collaboration with other academic institutions by means of participation to national and international research programs and projects as well as by achieving acknowledged scientific results within the specialty communication field.

Through the stimulation of specialty studies, with a view to achieve significant scientific results, Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics participates directly to the process of increasing the Romanian research visibility at international level, encouraging the training of young researchers within applied informatics area and militating to the consolidation and implementation of knowledge basis quality at the University level.

The original scientific contributions, published in Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics having the approval of all editorial stuff, respect the deontological norms in establishing the research strategies, the lack of transparency and the alteration of results in the sense of distorting and dissimulating negative results being disallowed. Prospective authors will pay particular attention to accurately quote the references of the cited papers, to introduce precise information as well as to respect the methodology of preparing representative materials for the directions of investigation and analysis.

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